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Ampegon Develops Photovoltaic Power Plants

Company offers green technology for transmitter, antenna sites

Swiss firm Ampegon is expanding into field of green technology.

The company is developing a solution for broadcasters to convert areas already utilized for other functions into photovoltaic power plants. Ampegon plans to employ land at transmitting stations and antenna fields.

In order to accomplish this, explains the company, radio transmitter sites must already have an energy connection to the grid (i.e. transformers located nearby). The site should already have available, unused land as well as access roads. Further, it says, the site should also be protected and fenced in. Finally, to promote the photovoltaic process, there must be adequate sun exposure without shadows and/or large buildings nearby.

Ampegon GmbH in Schifferstadt, Germany began a pilot photovoltaic project, including land use and the necessary construction permits, at a shortwave antenna site in Germany’s Wertach Valley in May 2012.

The 20 Megawatt solar power plant project is now in the final planning stages, and financial investors and energy providers are being offered the investment opportunity.