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An Exhibit Gone Digital

An Exhibit Gone Digital

If you’re tired of heading to conferences in order to get the scoop on what’s new, Maxagrid has the answer: a Virtual Convention Exhibit. Maxagrid, which specializes in Yield Management Systems for media, has product demonstrations available to radio station sales managers on its website from Jan. 24 through Feb. 9.

Visitors will find an array of pre-recorded demonstrations of Maxagrid applications that the company says target maximizing radio station revenues. There are also a number of slide presentations that explain the concepts and financial benefits of using Maxagrid yield management applications and strategies.

“After visiting our website, if someone would like in-depth, personal assistance, they can contact us by email or phone to set an appointment,” said Patti Shannon, director of Group sales. “Using WebEx, we can hold virtual meetings over the Internet and talk to the concerns and questions of the managers while showing them a working application.”

Maxagrid has been using virtual demos and meetings for nearly two years for business presentations, client service and its manger training program. Virtual sessions require a plug-in that enables the browser to view applications and presentations.

Info: go to or call 972-241-2110 to schedule a virtual meeting.

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