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An Internet STL From Energy-Onix

An Internet STL From Energy-Onix

Energy-Onix has unveiled its TeleLink studio-transmitter link system.
The system uses a broadband Internet connection at each end to deliver and receive two, four or eight 16 kHz audio channels anywhere a suitable Internet connection can be installed.
The TeleLink can deliver audio to up to five receive sites from a single encoder and claims a reliability level of better than 99.99-percent.
The decoder includes “smart system” backup capabilities to provide pre-recorded audio from an internal hard drive if the STL connection from the Internet is lost for more than 20 seconds.
TeleLink is supplied as part of a PC-based system, requiring only an uninterruptible power supply, a video monitor and a broadband (at least 126 kbps) Internet connection for installation. These connections should be a minimum of 128 kbps for 2-channel duplex, 256 kbps for 4-channel duplex and 512 kbps for 8-channel duplex operation.
For information contact the company in New York at (518) 758-1690 or visit