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Analysts Anticipate Good Report from Pandora

Internet audio service expected to release second-quarter results late this afternoon

Wall Street analysts have high hopes for today’s anticipated second quarter earnings report from Pandora.

Analysts expect quarterly revenue to climb 54.3% to $156.24 million from $101.27 million compared to the same period a year ago, according to

The Internet audio service says it has an “active” listener base of 70 million and claims to have a 7% share of all U.S. listening.

We’ve reported Pandora has put a lot of effort into growing its mobile ads and listening. Wall Street considers mobile advertising key to the company’s growth and will pay attention to that, according to the account.

The traditional radio industry will focus on mobile, plus the amount of advertising the service is now airing on many channels. Pandora executives have acknowledged the amount of spots airing on the service is steadily increasing.