…And Several Groups Are Trying to Help It Move

While plans are still jelling for a WUVT station move, this is what I know so far.
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While plans are still jelling for a WUVT station move, this is what I know so far.

From existing equipment, Clear Channel will donate a 5,000 watt FM transmitter, a Harris Z5, that was recently pulled out of Roanoke for that IBOC upgrade. The broadcast group will also donate a prefab transmitter building and an antenna.

ERI will retune the antenna to WUVT’s frequency at no charge, and modify it if necessary. Either ERI or SBE members will conduct a tower structural study, also at no cost.

We reported last week the SBE has offered to handle the legal portion of WUVT’s upgrade filing, to the extent that the university wants the help. SBE hopes donations to WUVT will cover the costs of the tower work and setting a foundation for the new transmitter building.

Hammet & Edison has offered to prepare the FCC filing for the upgrade and Cumulus has volunteered its consulting engineering firm Graham-Brock.

All the participants made decisions regarding WUVT together, running everything past student business manager Kim Foley. Josh Aritt, acting CE, who now works for the university, is also in on the discussions, Davis said.

Also, university COO James Hyatt gave approval for the group to proceed with their upgrade plans today.


WUVT Seeks Additional Help

Several broadcasters, equipment manufacturers and the SBE are helping Virginia Tech station WUVT(FM) in Blacksburg move its transmission facilities from the top of a dorm on campus to a nearby mountaintop. But more help is needed.