Andrew Corp. Unveils Disposable Dehydrator

Andrew Corp. Unveils Disposable Dehydrator
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Andrew Corp. is offering an alternative to bottled nitrogen gas and conventional dehydrators for use on pole-mounted radios and antennas with its Disposable Outdoor Dehydrator.
The automatic equipment can be used for pressurizing low-volume cellular, terrestrial microwave and MMDS/LMDS systems. According to the company, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use on transmission systems with volumes of 0.01-113 liters.
"At around $400 per unit, our Disposable Outdoor Dehydrator is low enough in cost that it can simply be disposed of when its desiccant charge is exhausted," said Mike Horan, the product line manager at the company.
The dehydrator is designed to require low maintenance and have a working life of up to five years. It uses automatic pressure sensing to activate, and uses 3.5 W when in use and no power in idle. It is available in voltages of 115, 230 and 24 Vdc, with others to be offered soon.


Andrew Corp. Expands Base Station Antenna Line

Andrew Corp. says this will save money on feeders and jumpers and leasing costs for additional feeder cable, and allow less total wind load and a way to upgrade an existing GSM900 site with GSM1800 network hardware by replacing the antenna.