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Andy Laird to Receive NAB Radio Engineering Achievement Award

Chernock, Symson also honored with tech awards

WASHINGTON�Andrew Laird will receive the NAB Radio Engineering Achievement Award at the spring show.

The TV Engineering Achievement Award will go to Richard Chernock, while NAB�s Digital Leadership Award will be presented to Adam Symson.�

Recipients will be honored at the NAB Technology Luncheon on Wednesday, April 20 in Las Vegas.

Laird recently retired as vice president and chief technology officer for Journal Broadcast Group. According to the NAB summary, he began his career in the 1960s developing audio processors and designing and building radio facilities. He worked in the 1970s and 1980s as a studio design consultant and chief engineer for a variety of customers and radio groups.�

�Throughout his career, Laird participated in important industry activities and played a crucial role in the evaluation and standardization of the system for digital AM and FM radio broadcasting in the U.S. through his work with the NAB co-sponsored National Radio Systems Committee, where he most recently served as the co-chair of the Digital Radio Broadcasting subcommittee,� NAB stated.

Richard Chernock is chief science officer for Triveni Digital and spent two decades with IBM. NAB said he has been heavily involved with industry activities regarding digital television broadcasting and is chairman of the Advanced Television Systems Committee Technology Group on ATSC 3.0, which is overseeing creation of the next-generation broadcast transmission standard. �He is also a prolific evangelist and educator on ATSC 3.0, publishing papers and making presentations at many conferences and tradeshows worldwide.� Chernock also was chairman of the ATSC Technology Group that oversaw development of enhancements to the DTV standard, including the ATSC Mobile and ATSC 2.0 suite of standards, the recommended practice on audio loudness and numerous others.

Adam Symson is senior vice president and chief digital officer at The E.W. Scripps Company. �Under his leadership, the company has sustained consistent growth of its digital properties through the bolstering of sales and content teams, introducing consumer-friendly digital apps and other products for local and national markets, launching the nation�s first membership-based service on a local TV station website and furthering national investigative reporting,� NAB wrote in the announcement. Symson spearheaded the acquisitions and growth of podcast company Midroll Media and Newsy, Scripps� over-the-top digital video news service.�

The Digital Leadership Award was established just last year to honor an individual who has had a significant role in transforming a traditional broadcast business to succeed on digital media platforms.�

A version of this article was originally posted on the website of Radio World, sister publication of Radio magazine.�