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Angelo Ditty, 87, Was FCC Engineer

Former Atlanta FCC engineer in charge later did ABIP inspections

A familiar face to many engineers and jocks of a certain age, Angelo Ditty passed away in Canton, Ga., late Sunday. He was 87.

Ditty was an FCC inspector in California, Florida and Georgia for decades. Later he worked as an inspector, Alternate Broadcast Inspection Program, for the Georgia Association of Broadcasters.

Jere Pigue, president emeritus of the GAB, issued a personal note about Ditty’s passing: “Angelo Ditty served our Georgia Association of Broadcasters with exceptional service as our Alternate Broadcast Inspection Program inspector for more than 20+ years.” Ditty worked with the GAB after retiring from the FCC, from 1990 until 2011. He examined engineering and public files for members, allowing them three-year exemptions from FCC inspections.

He provided similar services for members of the Alabama Broadcasters Association.

A thread at the F2 bulletin board includes remembrances of his work in California in the 1960s and later in Florida.

One (grateful) poster wrote: “Angelo Ditty was my first encounter with an FCC inspector. That was 1962 and I was a DJ. He was firm, fair and issued a technical citation. Two years later and 200 miles away at another station, there he was again and this time I was the chief engineer. He was like the drill sergeant in ‘An Officer and a Gentleman,’ and, wow, did he whip me into shape by offering firm instruction and guidance. I’m still in awe and am eternally grateful, now nearly 50 years later and still in radio.”

While based at the FCC’s San Francisco office, Ditty worked with Ney Landry, who recently passed away at age 95.

Ditty served in the Atlanta FCC office as engineer in charge from 1974 until 1990, according to friends. Before that he was worked for the FCC out of Tampa. A string of remembrances concerning Ditty’s role as a marine communications inspector are online, including an amusing reference to a “pet cougar.”

Ditty was also a licensed ham, K4GKB.

Memorial services are scheduled for 12:30 p.m. Friday at the Darby Funeral Home Chapel, 480 Main St. in Canton. Interment will follow in Georgia National Cemetery also in Canton at 2 p.m. In lieu of flowers the family asks for contributions to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Wish to share a memory of Angelo Ditty? Post below or email [email protected].