Another Big Show is in the Books

This year was a rousing success by all accounts.
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NAB 2011 registered almost 93,000 official attendees, up from 88,000 last year. It sure felt like that total was higher from the floor traffic. Nonetheless, this year’s Big Show was a rousing success by all accounts.

The coveted annual Radio World Cool Stuff Awards were just announced. Cool Stuff winners have to be new products that will ship sometime this year. No vaporware or unfinished concept products qualify. 15 products were chosen this year, which seems a lower number than usual, indicating there weren’t as many truly new product introductions this year. There were a lot of enhancements to existing products however.

Most all of the winners offered something quite special and unique. Here are the ones that caught my eye:

Broadcast Electronics CrowdControl - BE teamed up with a 3rd party apps company to bring a lot of real-time interactive toys and features for listeners to their Audio Vault Automation Platform.

Comrex LiveShot - As I blogged yesterday, this surprise is a breakthrough product for both TV and Radio. Reliable high quality live remote video feeds from almost anywhere for a little over $10k.

Harris Corp - Flexiva FM Transmitter Harris unveiled a new SS design up to 20kW in a small box, boasting better efficiency and lower TCO. Flexiva uses the new LDMOS device technology from their SS TV transmitter line.

Omnia.9 FM Processor - Frank Foti has teamed up with the Linear Acoustics folks on this new generation Omnia. It promises to “undo” distortion artifacts embedded in over-processed music coming out of too many record companies.

RCS Zetta 2.0.1 Automation - RCS has wedded their RCS Master Control and NexGen systems into a new kick-ass automation platform that does just about everything, fast and reliably with an impressive new UI.

Tieline Mic Adaptor - This one is sure to be a big hit with NPR and all radio news operations. Plug in your iPhone4 and you have a direct IO for high quality remote live audio recording and live remote broadcasting in the palm of your hand.

We’ll see you all next year.

-- Phil Simon


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Big Accomplishments in the Big City

"A lot of broadcast engineers did that in their careers. They could deal with a tube transmitter, or maybe even a solid-state console; but then it all changed. Whether it's a BE AudioVault or the latest Prophet system, a lot of people fell by the wayside rather than deal with it."