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A.N.T. Adds Remote Control Accessories

A.N.T. Adds Remote Control Accessories

A.N.T. has introduced the ANT 130 Protocol Bridge.
The model is an interface module between equipment with proprietary protocols and A.N.T.’s RDF. The ANT 130 translates any known protocol on RS-232 or RS-485 into the ANTLAN protocol.
Also introduced is the ANT 131 Advanced RF Probe. It has a range from -50 to +33 dBm allowing power monitoring over a wide dynamic range. Two models are available, one that overs the 10 MHz to 1.0 GHz frequency span, the other from 900 MHz to 2.5 GHz. Digital modulations, with crest factor correction, as well as analog signals may be monitored. The dynamic range is internal pad-selectable.
These modules connect to A.N.T.’s RDF remote control system, which allows monitoring and control linking over radio, satellite, Internet, DSL, GSM and GPRS communications. The Control Room software runs in a multi-user environment. Interaction via e-mail and SMS is possible. New in the control room application is the possibility to connect SNMP-enabled equipment (through Ethernet) and view the data blended in the same user interface. A variety of interface devices and software drivers is available.