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Antenna Group, Amherst Protest BPL Deployment

Antenna Group, Amherst Protest BPL Deployment

The National Antenna Consortium and the Amherst Alliance have asked the FCC to reconsider its recently adopted changes to ease deployment of “Broadband over power lines” technology. The agency changed some of its Part 15 rules to ease deployment by wired carriers of broadband.
The NAC and Amherst have many amateur radio operator members, who are concerned about interference to ham frequencies from BPL devices. The groups believe the FCC should wait to help more BPL devices get into the marketplace until interference studies are completed by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. NAC and Amherst believe the commission “has failed to implement all of the reasonable options for mitigating BPL interference and is essentially promoting all such technologies “regardless of quality.”
The groups call for a moratorium on installation of most BPL devices, pending further studies.