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Antique Radio Collector Fine Stands

The commission also warned Mann to stop marketing the transmitter on its Web site.

The FCC upheld its $7,000 fine against Richard Mann, “The Antique Radio Collector,” for marketing uncertified AM transmitters, and warned him about subsequent marketing.

Last November, we reported, the agency escalated its penalty to a Forfeiture Order.

At issue was whether the uncertified transmitters were assembled before they were sold. Mann said he only offered an assembly service and really sold kits for the Part 15-compliant SSTRAN model AMT3000. The FCC, however, said he was marketing “fully assembled” uncertified transmitters on his Web site,

Mann appealed, asking to have the fine cancelled or reduced.

The FCC denied the request, saying ignorance of the law doesn’t warrant a reduction in the penalty. Mann argued the amount was excessive; the agency disagreed and said in its decision he has 30 days to submit required paperwork and pay.

The agency also said Mann apparently is still assembling uncertified gear and marketing the equipment on his site; FCC staff noted that in February, Antique Radio Collector was marketing an “enhanced” version of the AMT3000 AM transmitter for $175.95.

The transmitter was assembled except the buyer need only install the integrated circuits and circuit board into the case to end up with a completed “legal Part 15-compliant AM transmitter,” according to the agency. The FCC said in its decision it doesn’t consider this a kit.

The commission also warned Mann to stop marketing the transmitter on its Web site or risk further fines. In addition to paying the penalty, he has 30 days to submit a report confirming all marketing for the AMT3000 has stopped.