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‘Antique Radio Collector’ Stops Fighting FCC

Issue was marketing noncertified AM transmitters

Richard Mann, also known as “The Antique Radio Collector,” has stopped asking the FCC to review a 2007 fine in connection with marketing noncertified AM radio transmitters.

Mann has withdrawn his Application for Review, consistent with a Consent Decree he and the agency reached last month.

In 2007, the commission originally assessed a $7,000 fine against Mann, saying he improperly marketed uncertified transmitters, SSTRAN model AMT3000, that Mann assembled from kits. Intentional radiators must be certified, according to FCC rules.

Mann appealed twice, saying he wasn’t aware if the commission had ever certified that model. He used his website to get orders and shipped 46 assembled transmitters. Mann eventually submitted documentation of his inability to pay the $7,000 fine.

This April, Mann and the agency reached an agreement and the investigation ended. The FCC agreed not to find fault with Mann. In exchange, Mann agreed to submit a $130 voluntary contribution to the U.S. Treasury and certified that he has stopped marketing uncertified RF devices. Further, before Mann markets any RF devices in the future, he must give the FCC six months notice so they can work out a compliance plan.