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AoIP Is in NAB Spotlight

At least 10 papers explore various aspects of it

IP for radio is an important topic for engineers right now. If you doubt that, consider that at least 10 presentations at the spring NAB Broadcast Engineering Conference will deal with IP and related subjects, including a full series of sessions in the prime Sunday slot. (Watch for Radio World’s new eBook on this topic coming in the next week or so.)

Coming at NAB:

Saturday: Ennes Workshop
“Audio Video Bridging” — Steve Lampen, Belden

“AES X192” — Kevin Gross, AVA Networks, Media Network Consultant

Sunday: IP for Radio

“Audio Reliability Over the Public Internet: Designing robust IP streaming for outside broadcasts, STL and program distribution” — Kirk Harnack, The Telos Alliance

“Put Your Audio on the IP Path: Integrating audio over IP into your current or new radio facility” — Sam Caputa, Emmis Radio

“AES X192: An emerging standard for high-performance streaming audio-over-IP interoperability” — Andreas Hildebrand, ALC NetworX GmbH

“Audio Networking Interoperability: Advantages, challenges and standards” — Chuck Alexander and Ted Staros, Harris Broadcast Communications Division

“Advances in AoIP Connectivity for Extending the Radio Operation Beyond the Studio” — Andrew Calvanese, Wheatstone

“The Open Control Architecture” — Jeff Berryman, Bosch Communications Systems

“IP Audio in the Real World: Pitfalls and practical solutions encountered and implemented when rolling out the redundant streaming approach to IP audio” — Kevin Campbell and Tony Peterle, WorldCast Systems

“Taking the Sting Out of the Evolving Digital Audio Networks” — Greg Shay, The Telos Alliance