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AP Radio on Ross Simpson’s Return

AP Radio on Ross Simpson's Return

AP Radio put out a press release heralding the return of its correspondent Ross Simpson from Iraq.
Simpson is the reporter who appears in a photograph from Iraq on the front page of Radio World’s April 23 issue.
The AP statement in part said:
“With gunfire and heavy artillery often heard in the background, embedded AP Radio Correspondent Ross Simpson regularly went live, on the air from the Iraqi front. Ross brought AP Radio member stations firsthand accounts of combat, sandstorms, life among the troops, and battlefield experiences while on the road to Baghdad.
“Since his return, he has described the mutual trust he established with the young Marines he was embedded with for six weeks; that it was only 15 seconds after they crossed into Iraq when they first came under attack; how he lost 37 pounds during his stint; and why he shared his satellite phone with a Marine to call home in between firefights.”
He was embedded with the U.S. Marines’ 1st Battalion, 5th Regiment, 1st Division.