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Aphex Moves to Salt Lake City

Company was acquired in 2010

DWV Entertainment has moved Aphex headquarters to Salt Lake City.

The company said in an announcement that this will “increase operational efficiencies” by putting the pro audio brand’s HQ closer to parent DWV and to Aphex creative and engineering employees.

“The move, completed this month, includes opening a new Aphex warehouse in Utah to complement existing manufacturing and shipping facilities in California,” the company stated.

David Wiener is Aphex chairman; DWV stands for David Wiener Ventures. He said in the announcement, “Aphex has been making big changes in recent months to take advantage of growth opportunities in pro, prosumer and consumer audio, as well as licensing and new product development.”

The company says it is expanding into markets with “technology geared to assistive listening; speech recognition; and prosumer recording, podcasting, telecommunication and automotive infotainment.” It also mentioned new products including its USB microphone line and commercial and home theater market products.

In Wake of Aphex Acquisition, DWV Makes Moves (2010)