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Appeal of TV Online Public Files Takes Next Step

NAB’s arguments due in October, court says

NAB’s court appeal against the FCC’s new rules requiring television broadcasters to place their public inspection files online has taken another step through the court system.

Radio is watching the case with interest as the commission plans to ask radio to also post their public inspection files online.

The trade group has until Oct. 4 to compile its arguments against the rule, according to a schedule released by the D.C Circuit Court, reports Bloomberg BNA.

NAB calls the rule arbitrary and capricious. The trade group points out that TV competitors like satellite and cable systems are not required to post their public files — including political files containing the cost of advertising buys — online.

The FCC’s arguments are due Nov. 19 and final briefs from public interest groups that support the FCC’s new rule are due Jan. 9, according to the just-released schedule.

TV affiliates of the four major networks in the top Nielsen DMAs were to begin posting elements of their public file to an FCC-hosted website on Aug. 2. They have six months to complete their posting.

The rest of the TV stations have an additional two years to comply.

While a federal judge denied NAB’s request for the new rule to be stayed pending judicial review, the appeal process has continued.

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