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Apple Does a VoiceOver

Its newest iPod Shuffle not only is smaller, it talks to you (in 14 languages)

This week’s new product news from Apple is “the world’s smallest music player.”

It’s actually an upgrade (or a downsizing) of the iPod Shuffle, half the size of the previous model. But the company also is calling attention to a new feature called VoiceOver that lets the Shuffle speak your song titles, artists and playlist names.

The latest Shuffle is “significantly smaller than a AA battery, holds up to 1,000 songs (using 128 kbps AAC) and is easier to use with all of the controls conveniently located on the earphone cord.” With the press of a button, you can play, pause, adjust volume, switch playlists and hear the name of the song and artist.

So when you’re listening to your shuffled music and can’t remember the name of a song or an artist playing, you push a button and it tells you (in 14 languages). It can also speak battery life status.

The 4GB iPod shuffle retails for $79.