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Apple iTunes Radio Heading Overseas

The service is heading to the U.K. and Canada soon, reports Bloomberg

Apple has global planes for its new iTunes Radio service.

With the release of iOS 7, Apple introduced its Internet streaming radio service last month.

The new service will soon be heading to a number of English-speaking countries, beginning in 2014 with the United Kingdom and Canada before making its way to Australia and New Zealand, according to Bloomberg.

Pandora is available in Australia and New Zealand, its first overseas forays for that Internet audio service, we’ve reported.

Pandora is not yet available in the U.K. and Canada. Quoting unnamed sources, Bloomberg reports Apple is moving faster than Pandora in those countries because it has secured international music royalty agreements with some record labels. Apple is advertising for an iTunes Canada music programmer.

Apple said just after the iTunes Radio launch that more than 11 million unique users tried the new service in the first few days the feature became available.