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Apple Retains FM in New Nano

No radio in iPhone 5

While Apple unveiled a faster, thinner iPhone, one that does not contain FM, the newest iPod Nano continues to include radio.

Apple says the 7th generation Nano, too, is thinner at 5 millimeters. The new 2.5-inch display is larger than its predecessor.

Battery life is also longer; users can listen to music for 30 hours on one charge, according to the tech developer.

Apple says the new Nano power connector is smaller, thinner and more durable. The company also redesigned the accompanying earbuds for more durability.

The Nano comes in seven new colors with matching screen wallpapers. The device will be available in October and a 16GB model will list for $149 through Apple, Apple retail stores and authorized resellers.

Listeners who want to hear a radio station using their new iPhone can use an app to listen via the Internet. The new iPhone 5 ships to retailers for Sept. 21 availability. Prices start at $199 for the 16GB model.

Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs, whose company also owns app developer JacApps, blogged that during Wednesday’s Apple announcement, FM radio “was showcased as a featured benefit” of the new Nano.

“Sure, we’d love to see FM tuners on all Apple devices, but that’s why we created jacAPPS, to be sure your brand — AM or FM — has a strong, branded presence on the desktop of the hottest media devices of our lifetimes.”