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Application Freeze Goes Into Effect to Protect Auction 94 Allotments

FCC plans to auction 117 vacant non-reserved band FM allotments in March

The FCC announced a “freeze” on certain filings related to the upcoming Auction 94 involving 117 vacant FM non-reserved band allotments in March.

The temporary freeze is designed to protect and promote a “more certain” and speedy auction process, according to the agency.

The auction is slated to begin March 26, 2013. Of the 117 allotments up for bid, the commission has set the smallest minimum opening bid at $500 for a Class A FM in Dickens, Texas and the largest minimum opening bid at $75,000 for another Class A, but located in Steamboat Springs, Colo. Some of the available channels being offered were auctioned before, but the winning bidder defaulted, so those allotments have been put back into the bidding pool.

The freeze is effective immediately, and applies to applications proposing to modify any of the allotments slated for auction, or petitions proposing a channel change, class, community of license or reference coordinates for the FM allotments slated for bidding. The freeze also affects any applications, petitions or counterproposals that would not protect an Auction 94 allotment.

The commission is asking for public input on the competitive bidding procedures for the auction. Comments are due to AU Docket No. 12-239 on Oct. 10 and replies on Oct. 24.