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APRE Selects 2012 Meritorious Service Award Recipient

NPR’s Mike Starling to be honored by public radio engineers

Mike Starling, Executive Director of the Technology Research Center and NPR Labs, is the recipient of the APRE 2012“Meritorious Service Award.”

The Association of Public Radio Engineers has chosen Mike Starling, Executive Director of the Technology Research Center and NPR Labs, as the recipient of the 2012 “Meritorious Service Award.”

Starling was one of the APRE founders, as noted in this NPR bio.

According to APRE Awards Committee Chairman Gordon Carter, the nomination form submitted for Starling cited his work as leader of NPR Labs’ “Tomorrow Radio” HD multicasting team that “single-handedly transformed HD radio from ‘an answer looking for a question’ to an important expanded service of true practical worth to FM stations seeking to ‘super-serve’ their audiences with a greater diversity of programming through limited spectrum resources.”

“Mike is and always has been passionate about radio, a firm and steady advocate for the technology, for the medium, and for stations,” stated APRE members in the nomination. “His commitment to technical excellence, innovation, and service are outstanding. Whether it is his work with the NPR Labs promoting accessible radio products for the sight- and hearing-impaired, or furthering the knowledge and competence of public radio engineers through the initial establishment of APRE, Mike’s untiring work and unfailing commitment to helping us be the best we can be have changed the landscape of our industry for the better.”

The award will be presented at the annual APRE Engineering Awards Dinner, to be held on April 13 in Las Vegas as part of this year’s Public Radio Engineering Conference.

Starling: Excellence in Engineering (2005)