April Fool’s Day Fun

Enter Radio World’s April Fool’s Day Safe Zone
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To prevent the inevitable misunderstandings that seem to increasingly accompany April Fool’s Day spoofs, we hereby donate this space to display some fun that has been presented to us by puckish followers.

From Long John at KPHT(LP), the elegant, the simple, the alpha and the omega — UniTube:


Pete Tridish prefers to think big … and flexible — Behold, the FlecksoMaster! The apex of communication tower technology! Weep, ye ironmongers!

And for those who just need a safe zone within their iPod- or in-ear monitor-induced coccoon, in-ear monitoring specialist Sensaphonics marries automobile safety technology with hearing safety concerns. The result is EARbags.

“When secured to any set of IEMs, headphones or earbuds, these patent-pending protective devices monitor for dangerous spikes in the ambient sound around the user. When threatening audio impulses are detected, the EARbags instantly deploy a sound-blocking pillow of protection around the ears,” the company assures in quiet tones.


Is modern technology not amazing?


Moss on: It's All Good Fun. April Fool!

April 1, and the traditional April Fool’s jokes once again made their farcical appearance throughout the nation the radio audio industry was not spared. Moog struck early with its latest creation from the mind of the late Bob, the MF