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APT Adds Features to WorldNet Oslo

APT Adds Features to WorldNet Oslo

APT said it plans new features for its WorldNet Oslo audio multiplexer for STL and studio networking links.
Highlights include increased audio coding options with broadcasters able to send uncompressed linear audio in addition to J.57 and Enhanced apt-X coding for audio transport over E1 and/or IP links; four-channel simplex (Quad) cards available both as analog and AES/EBU, providing the capacity to transmit up to 28 mono or 14 stereo channels on a single WorldNet Oslo chassis; a 5.1 phase-locking option that the company says delivers true audio fidelity for surround sound contribution and distribution projects; in-band management to enable control and monitoring of a network of units over E1/T1 without the need for additional dedicated comms link; and cross-connect now available on the E1/T1 transport cards in the WorldNet Oslo, to allow assignment and re-patching of timeslots.
This, APT says, provideds flexibility in bandwidth control within the network and enables advanced network features such as drop and insert, drop and copy, or backup schemes, in addition to simple unprotected point-to-point links.