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APT Aids in ORF 5.1 Broadcast

APT Aids in ORF 5.1 Broadcast

Austria’s national broadcaster ORF successfully completed its first multichannel radio transmission using the WorldNet Sky Link audio encoder/decoder by APT for all of the audio transmissions of Internet protocol and asynchronous transfer mode networks.
The event, called “Re-inventing Radio – The Long Night of Radio Art,” was broadcast in Dolby Digital 5.1 via the ASTRA satellite network across Europe in September.
A network of remote nodes using traditional streaming media and other communication technologies fed the Long Night of Radio Art. It was the first time Osterreich 1, the ORF’s cultural channel, was broadcast live for more than 10 hours in the new 5.1 format by artists working in a network of geographically remote nodes.
The WorldNet SkyLink units enabled ORF to send 5.1 audio to the satellite uplink over IP. Without the SkyLink, ORF would have required two boxes for the multichannel transport at each side of the transport chain. The WorldNet SkyLink was able to fulfill both functions in a single unit.