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APT’s Campbell Heads to Belfast

Company also secures first IP audio application in Ethiopia

Codec maker APT’s Kevin Campbell, most recently vice president for North American operations, is heading home to APT headquarters in Belfast, Northern Ireland in his new position as senior vice president for global hardware sales.

As RW reported at the time, Campbell came to the Massachusetts office as part of the company’s efforts to expand its North American presence. He said: “We have gained major traction with key players and installed units in all of the top 25 networks.” APT said Campbell increased the territory turnover by sevenfold in two years. He’s been with APT for six years.

Commercial Director and President of Sales Jon McClintock described Campbell’s work in the U.S. as “astounding.”

In other APT news, the Oromia Mass Media Organization purchased APT WorldCast Meridian and WorldNet Oslo codec platforms, creating Ethiopia’s first IP codec installation.

Guy Gampell, APT regional sales manager, called this Ethiopia’s first IP audio application.

The local facilitator was Broadcom International of Addis Ababa. Broadcom recently signed on as an APT distributor.