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Arbitron Announces ARB-TV Video Measurement

Uses PPM technology to measure away-from-home television audiences

There’s been another move in the chess match between Nielsen and Arbitron as they try to swipe market share from each other in the audience measurement business.

Even as Nielsen recently has introduced its radio sticker diary in 51 small and medium markets, getting into Arbitron’s core business, Arbitron wants to get back into TV audience measurement, which is Nielsen’s core focus.

Arbitron has announced ARB-TV, a suite of audience measurement services that it says are designed to improve visibility for media companies and advertisers into “away-from-home” television audiences. By using the Arbitron Portable People Meter technology, which can measure both audio and video, Arbitron says these analytical tools offer media clients insight into what constitutes their total audience and help advertisers plan how to reach that audience.

Arbitron EVP Alton Adams says in an increasingly mobile world, media companies and marketers want to know when and where consumers are being exposed to their content. “ARB-TV helps quantify audience viewership in locations outside of the home including restaurants/bars, other homes, the workplace, airports, hotels, sports venues, malls and medical facilities.”

Last November, Nielsen, which has used its sticker-diary methodology overseas, got into the U.S. radio ratings market, when it won a contract from Cumulus Media to provide the service in 51 small and medium-sized markets. Sports broadcaster ESPN Radio signed up for the service earlier this month. Nielsen expects to release its first diary ratings in the U.S. in August.