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Arbitron Became ‘Nielsen Audio’ in 2013

The company is looking at improvements to the audience measurement service

There were big changes at Arbitron in 2013.

For starters, it’s now called “Nielsen Audio.”

The $1.3 billion acquisition closed in September and recently, the company laid off an undetermined number of folks in the former Arbitron Columbia, Md., facility.

As for 2014 initiatives, in an effort to improve the core measurement service, Nielsen plans to increase the sample size for the Portable People Meter about 6% to minimize fluctuations from report-to-report. It’s also working on automatic alerts for their PPM encoder so a station is alerted if the encoder goes offline, something stations had requested.

More recently, Nielsen Audio executives told radio audience research consultants it’s looking at census-based measurement, and linking listening data with purchase data.

The company is still studying how to incorporate both broadcast and streaming radio — like Pandora, Spotify or Rdio — into its cross-platform measurement process.

In January, Nielsen intends to relaunch “Radio Today,” its annual report, and call it “Audio Today.

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