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Arbitron: Cell-Phone-Only Is a ‘Major Step’ for Diary Markets

Company posts 17-point gain in 18–34 sample in first month of cell-only sampling in two-book markets

Arbitron has reached initial conclusions in analyzing results from the first diary markets to include cell-phone-only households this spring.

It introduced “CPO” sampling in 151 diary markets in its spring survey to enable measurement of people who have “cut the cord” and can not be reached by landline. It has released the first look at sample quality metrics and listening effects for April, the first month of its three-month radio listening survey.

The company reported double-digit gains when comparing the actual sample against the target sample for young adults age 18–34. This comparison, which the company calls its “Designated Delivery Index,” gained 17 points vs. the prior survey for Persons 18–34 in two-book markets and 11 points in four-book markets.

Arbitron EVP Customer Solutions Bob Henrick called cell-phone-only sampling “a major step forward for diary markets” in a briefing with clients. Gains in black and Hispanic samples are also encouraging, he said. The company plans to introduce CPO sampling this fall in the rest of the diary markets.

There were nearly 6,000 diaries from CPO households in these 151 markets in April.