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Arbitron Changes PPM Leadership

Arbitron Changes PPM Leadership

Arbitron Inc. has made leadership changes in order to coordinate its U.S. and international marketing efforts for the Portable People Meter.
Jay Guyther, is now senior vice president of PPM Marketing for the U.S. as well as internationally. Brad Bedford, becomes appointed vice president, International PPM Marketing.
“Jay will focus solely on PPM and work with the radio, television, cable and advertising communities as Arbitron works toward the potential deployment of our passive and personal ratings methodology. A key part of Jay’s responsibility will be to work with the radio industry to help address the issues and concerns the industry has as it considers a transition to electronic measurement,” said Owen Charlebois, president of U.S. Media Services, Arbitron.
Guyther previously managed Arbitron’s PPM efforts in Belgium radio and Canadian TV.
Bedford has spent the last two decades in sales at Arbitron for radio stations and Internet Broadcasting. In 2003, he became a member of Arbitron’s international PPM team. Previously, he served as the vice president of the Internet Broadcasting Services division.