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Arbitron Continues to Seek MRC Accreditation

RADAR and Nationwide service numbers affected by MRC’s action

Arbitron says it will continue to work with the Media Rating Council to gain accreditation for more markets where it has rolled out its Portable People Meters.

That comes after the MRC withdrew its accreditation for Arbitron’s RADAR (Radio’s All Dimension Audience Research) and Nationwide network and national radio audience services. Arbitron said MRC cited the increasing number of PPM markets that are not accredited by the MRC.

The MRC does not discuss specifics of its accreditation process publicly.

Arbitron said the PPM service is commercialized in 43 markets but the data from PPM in only three — Houston-Galveston, Riverside-San Bernardino, and Minneapolis-St. Paul — is accredited by MRC.

The withdrawal is effective with RADAR 107, which releases on Dec. 13, and with the Fall 2010 Nationwide report, scheduled to for early March.