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Arbitron Details Hispanic Weighting Plans, Interim Service

Arbitron Details Hispanic Weighting Plans, Interim Service

Hispanic broadcasters are digesting the news that language weighting of Arbitron radio diaries won’t be in place for three years.
In a letter to broadcasters and agencies, Arbitron’s Owen Charlebois said the re-engineering of its software systems will take that long.
“While this means that language weighting will not be a component of our syndicated local market reports before the Winter 2006 survey, we have been exploring a number of options for interim services that would provide the industry with the benefits of language weighting while our processing systems are being reengineered,” he wrote.
Charlebois proposed an interim Hispanic radio ratings service, a way to add language weighting as an enhancement to its existing Hispanic Market Service.
Arbitron plans to pitch the idea in a Web and teleconference presentation to customers on Feb. 6. He said Arbitron would take customers’ input and announce a decision about the interim service by the end of March.