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Arbitron Develops Lifestyle Survey

Arbitron Develops Lifestyle Survey

Results from Arbitron’s Portable People Meter Philadelphia trial have allowed the company to develop what it calls the National Media-Lifestyle survey. The effort tracks how, where and when people use radio and television as they go about daily routines.
Findings include the following:

Radios are more dispersed throughout consumer’s homes and cars than TVs: car/truck radio penetration is 88%, bedroom is 77% and living room 68%. Television sets are more concentrated in the home: Most folks (93%) have TVs in their living room while 68% of people have TVs in the bedroom.

Radio and TV use in different rooms at home is spread fairly evenly across most age targets, according to the survey results, with one exception. In the kitchen, radio and TV use is almost three times higher for persons 55-plus (77% for radio, 56% for television) than that of 18-34 year olds, whose kitchen use is 29% for radio and 20% for television.

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