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Arbitron Does EDI Deal

Arbitron Does EDI Deal

Arbitron wants a piece of the market in providing media software that is compatible with developing e-commerce standards. So it has signed an agreement with an Atlanta-based company for access to the latter company’s Media eXchange Desktechnology and services. This deal gives Arbitron clients document exchange hub services for an EDI platform.
“Arbitron plans to use the eMediaTrade technology to assist in making future versions of Arbitron’s media planning and buying software and Arbitron radio sales software compatible with the American Association of Advertising Agencies standards for the exchange of transaction data between advertising agencies and media outlets,” the companies said in a statement.
The radio research company wants to give its agency, station and national rep firm customers “a seamless, electronic buy/sell process, from availability request to invoice reconciliation,” an Arbitron official said. The company will use eMediaTrade technology in its future e-commerce offerings; users of Arbitron planning and buying software will be able to create and receive media documents within their applications and transmit them to and receive them from others who follow the AAAA standards.

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