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Arbitron Expands PPM Trials

Arbitron Expands PPM Trials

Arbitron hopes to place Portable People Meters with 1,500 participants as it expands the PPM trials throughout the greater Philadelphia market. The first phase of the trials were concentrated in Wilmington, Del., a portion of the Philly Designated Marketed Area.
Over the next 12 to 16 weeks, Arbitron expects to recruit a representative panel of 1,500 consumers, age 6 and older, in the Philadelphia DMA. Results from the first phase of the test indicated that the PPM system is capturing TV viewing and radio listening that is not being measured by current audience measurement systems. This second phase is designed to give the industry its first direct look at individual station ratings for radio and television as well as individual cable network ratings generated by the PPM with audience estimates. These estimates will be compared with individual station and cable network ratings delivered by current audience measurement systems.
As Arbitron begins the second phase of the PPM trial, eight TV stations, 38 radio stations and 22 cable networks serving the Philadelphia market are participating in the trial by encoding their signals using the latest generation of Arbitron encoders. Many of these outlets have been using Arbitron PPM encoders since August 2000.
Nielsen Media Research is providing financial support as well as its television survey research expertise in this PPM trial. Nielsen also has an option to join Arbitron in the commercial deployment of the Arbitron PPM in the United States.