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Arbitron, Jacobs Media Preview ‘Goin’ Mobile’

Interviewees are shown interacting with their devices

Arbitron and Jacobs Media are showcasing key findings from their “Goin’ Mobile” study.

As RW has reported, that study will be detailed in a video at this month’s Radio Show convention; it looks at the impact of smartphones on consumers, and the implications for radio managers.

A lot of people think of the past year or two as a time of recession; Jacobs Media says it’s also been the era of the smartphone.

“They’re fashion statements, lifelines, alarm clocks and also radios,” said President Fred Jacobs. His research made clear that the devices allow users to do more than talk and text.

Jacobs showed photos of interviewees discussing how they use their devices, even while driving. Jacobs described as “harrowing” one ride-along video interview with a woman who was constantly on her cellphone and would occasionally glance through the windshield to see what was in front of her as she drove.

Another woman said her kids introduced her to texting, which she now does all the time, even in church.

“It’s going to get you thinking about the impact, today and down the road, of these compelling devices,” said Jacobs, such as how radio and other media fit into the picture.

Arbitron has a trailer preview on its website.

“Goin’ Mobile” will be presented at the Radio Show on Thursday, Sept.30.