Arbitron Polishes Diarykeeper Incentives

Arbitron Polishes Diarykeeper Incentives
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Though Arbitron seems serious about rolling out PPM on an aggressive schedule, the paper diary is not going away any time soon; the company is still trying to increase the response rate for the diary, especially among young males.
To this end, Arbitron is rolling out a "Response Rate and Proportionality Action Plan" that includes substantial increases in cash incentives and other items. This spring, the company will send a $5 cash incentive for each person in homes with one or two males age 18-24 and a "$5 thank you" for agreeing to participate, expanding from 58 markets to all markets by the end of this year.
Arbitron will mail pre-placement letters with a $1 cash incentive to all mailable sample by the end of 2006. Arbitron now uses this treatment with 48% of households. The company will double the minimum diary incentive from $1 to $2 in all markets by end of 2007.
In 2008, Arbitron plans to begin including homes that can be reached only by cell phone in its diary sample.