Arbitron Reports Continued Growth in HD Multicast Channel Listening

HD Radio receiver sales closing in on 15 million
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The HD Radio rollout is still experiencing momentum, according to iBiquity Digital. 

As the installed base of HD Radio receivers rapidly increases, so has listening to HD2/HD3/HD4 programming. According to the latest Spring 2013 Arbitron Radio Nationwide audience estimates, more than 4 million people listen to an HD2, HD3 or HD4 channel in an average week.

This represents a 238% increase in Average Quarter Hour audience from the Fall 2011 survey. During the same period, Cume audience grew at over 200%.

HD Radio receiver sales are approaching 15 million. More than 12 million of those are in new cars or are auto aftermarket units. 

About 30% of all new cars sold this year include HD Radio technology. Company President/CEO Bob Struble predicts that figure will rise to half of all new cars next year.