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Arbitron Says Some 164,000 Tune Into Nationals’ Opening Day Game

Arbitron Says Some 164,000 Tune Into Nationals' Opening Day Game

Arbitron says the D.C. radio audience for the opening day game of the Washington Nationals against the Phillies in Philadelphia could fill Washington’s RFK stadium almost four times.
As part of a new custom ratings service, Broadcast Sporting Events, the audience research firm surveyed the Washington Arbitron radio metro to estimate the audience of the April 5 game.
Arbitron estimates that 164,600 persons, age 18 and over, in the Washington Arbitron Metro survey area, listened to some portion of the radio broadcast of the Washington Nationals baseball opening game, the pre-game show or the post-game show on one of the five Washington area radio stations that carried the team’s opening day game – WWVZ/WWZZ(FM), WFED(AM), WAGE(AM) and WTRI(AM).
Washington Nationals opening day game survey participants were asked whether they prefer radio or television for baseball games, whether they stayed tuned in through the commercials, their purchasing habits and whether they will use radio for future play-by-play sporting events.

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