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Arbitron to Reissue Fresno Abitrends

Audience research firm learned media-affiliated households returned some diaries. New estimates July 8

Arbitron is reissuing diary data in the Fresno, Calif., market.

In a note to clients who use Arbitrends, the audience research firm says revised Spring Phase 2 (March-April-May) data will be released on Monday, July 8 at noon Pacific.

That’s because Arbitron determined that six Fresno diaries were returned from a media-affiliated household. Originally, those diaries counted toward the sample, but now Arbitron believes they should be removed.

The reissued data will exclude those results. The company says audience estimates reported for KJWL(FM) and KYNO(AM) may be “substantially” affected while estimates for KFIG(AM) may be affected to a lesser extent.

“Estimates to stations that were not recorded in the deleted diaries may be slightly affected as a result of sample balancing and reprocessing procedures that accompany deletion of any diary from the sample,” according to Arbitron.