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Arbitron to Use New System to Credit Programming

Arbitron to Use New System to Credit Programming

Touting it as a “new and better way to credit programming,” Arbitron Inc. is implementing an improved diarykeeper-based system to begin with the Winter 2003 survey. According to the company, the new system will improve the quality of Arbitron’s listening estimates, free stations from having to submit program information, eliminate the need for stations to monitor program profiles and erase conflict between stations.
“The Arbitron Radio Advisory Council and others expressed concern about the system that was in place, which depended on information supplied by stations,” stated Scott Musgrave, senior vice president and general manager, Arbitron Radio. “It became clear to us that improvements would best be achieved by drawing on input from diarykeepers rather than stations.”
Arbitron said the new credit system would work because: Only 3.2% of the entries in diaries contain the name of a program or personality. Of these, 99+ percent are also listed by diarykeepers in the market with station identification (call letters, frequency or station name). Fewer than 1% of program or personality entries cannot be associated with a radio station based on diarykeeper-provided information, the company stated.