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Arbitron, Two States Settle PPM Disputes

Company gets resolution in its battles with New York and New Jersey

The lawsuits regarding the Portable People Meter between Arbitron and the state attorneys general in New York and New Jersey are over.

All sides have come to an agreement that resolves the lawsuits.

In the New York suit, Arbitron has agreed to pay the state $200,000 to settle the claims and $60,000 for costs. Arbitron will pay an additional $100,000 to the National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters for a joint radio project between NABOB and the Spanish Radio Association to support minority radio.

In the New Jersey settlement, Arbitron agreed to pay the state $130,000 for investigative costs and expenses.

Arbitron denies any liability or wrongdoing as part of both settlements.

Commenting on the New York agreement, Arbitron Chairman, President/CEO Steve Morris stated: “Broadcasters, agencies and advertisers in New York can continue to use PPM measurement of radio without any hesitation or reservation. We are also pleased to be able to resolve this action within the framework of our continuous improvement program for the Portable People Meter ratings service in the New York radio market. These initiatives are sure to increase the accountability of radio to the benefit of all New York radio broadcasters and their advertisers.”

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