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Arbitron Unveils PPM Cross-Platform ROI Tool

Promo OptimiXer measures audience impact of ‘tune-in’ ads

In what could bring more dollars to radio, Arbitron unveiled its Promo OptimiXer service, a single-source, cross-platform ratings tool designed to help broadcast and cable networks evaluate the return on investment that radio and television “tune-in” campaigns deliver in terms of audience ratings to the programs being promoted.

Discovery Communications has used the new service to gauge the impact of their multiweek radio and TV ad campaign for the “Deadliest Catch” premiere this April.

“Radio tune-ins have always been a favored tool among TV programming and promotion executives,” said Arbitron SVP Cross-Platform Services Carol Edwards. “The Promo OptimiXer service can now show programmers how consumers who are exposed to promotion campaigns on radio as well as on television ultimately tune in to the program being promoted.”

The service is based on the listening and viewing habits of about 69,000 Portable People Meter panelists in 44 top U.S. markets.

Promo OptimiXer answers questions like who was exposed to the promotion, on what media and how often.

Arbitron says the service also tells users, of those that were exposed to the promotion, how many actually watched the measured episode.