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Arbitron, VNU, P&G to Use PPM to Track Consumer Purchase Behavior

Arbitron, VNU, P&G to Use PPM to Track Consumer Purchase Behavior

Arbitron and VNU want to pursue a non-radio use for the Portable People Meter – to track consumer purchase behavior. Both companies, along with Proctor & Gamble, have agreed to explore possibly developing a new, national marketing research service that collects multi-media and purchase information from a common sample of consumers.
The goal is to better understand consumer exposure to advertising on multiple media and the link to their shopping/purchase behavior. The companies want to provide advertisers with an enhanced ability to determine their ROI.
A panel of participants who would carry Arbitron’s PPM. The device would collect their exposure to multiple media sources. Data on consumer preference and purchases for a range of services and products would also be collected from panelists, electronically and via surveys, with some households being part of ACNielsen’s Homescan consumer panel, which currently tracks packaged goods purchases.
Both Arbitron and VNU emphasized that the service would be separate, distinct and designed very differently from any service for radio and TV ratings.