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Arbor Helps RTL Greet Grand Duke

Arbor Helps RTL Greet Grand Duke

Using an Arbor AudioCommunications PhoneDepot automated multichannel “voice mailbox” system, RTL Luxembourg compiled a celebratory CD for Grand Duke Henri, the new head of state.
The idea of the RTL Group in Luxembourg was to present the Grand Duke with an audio CD containing messages from the people of Luxembourg when he succeeded his father, Grand Duke Jean, in October.
RTL expected a large response and needed a system able to handle calls and to convert them into a CD audio format. The solution was the PhoneDepot system, which was installed alongside an Arbor NewsDepot system, which was installed in 1999.
The RTL system is connected to a dual ISDN BRI interface, enabling it to handle up to four incoming calls simultaneously.
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T. Carter Ross