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Arctic Palm Puts KADI at Center Stage

User Report: Broadcaster says software ‘brings it all together’

The author is program director of KADI(FM).

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — For over six years we have been trying to integrate our Simian automation system with our Inovonics RDS unit, website, texting, Twitter and Facebook.

We wanted to interact with our listeners on all levels. What a pain it was proving to be. Until now, that is. Thanks to the recommendations from broadcast consultant Doug Raines, we have finally brought it all together.

Arctic Palm Center Stage proved to be the missing link. That software integrated with our Simian automation to enable us to send “now playing” information to our Inovonics 713 RDS unit. But that’s not all. It also connected to our Secure Systems website player which feeds the 99HITFM KADI Android and iPhone apps. Set-up was a breeze thanks to the impeccable help of Stu Buck from Arctic Palm. Stu worked with the Secure Systems programmers to make the magic happen.

But this is just the tip of the Arctic Palm iceberg so to speak. The Center Stage software has other built-in tools that make it very useful for live in-studio use. It has a scheduler module that on-air talent can use for news, weather, promos, public service announcements, liners, school closing information. All of these elements can be programmed to be sent to Web feeds, RDS, text, social media as well.

For commercial purposes our sales team is able to sell sponsor messages that can scroll across radios equipped with the RDS feature and all other digital platforms. Each message can be triggered and targeted to specific times and days when the commercial plays on air. There are so many information options — blackout, manually insert and schedule. All events are logged for verification.

My only complaint is that the running program can only be minimized on the computer. It would be great if it could just be a running program icon.

In my opinion Arctic Palm’s CS software has been well thought-out.

There are still a lot of features we are discovering. As a program director who now has to oversee more than just a radio station Arctic Palm is a highly recommended tool.

For information, contact Stu Buck at Arctic Palm Technology in Ontario at (519) 452-0002 or visit