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ARD Berlin Equips with Lawo IP Software

Editorial workspaces based around software-driven Ravenna IP network

Following the completion of the studio’s redesign in January, ARD Capital Studio Berlin now employs Lawo equipped editorial workspaces based around the company’s software-driven Ravenna IP network.

According to Lawo, the new workplaces use touchscreens to access the cutting and retrieval systems, provide automated workflows for interviews and review work and offer space savings due to no requirements for hardware mixers.

Each workplace at ARD now is equipped with Lawo’s Jade editing software with two screens for visualization. The Jade software is controlled by an Ember+ interface that makes the tablet computers the central switching station and the workstation to function as a routing center.

Each station is also connected to a crystal console base unit, serving as a platform for a table computer running Lawo’s VisTool software. The crystal base provides audio I/O breakout and mic integration while also supporting loudspeaker and headphone monitoring, as well as other peripheral connections.

The Lawo workplaces are customizable, able to meet requirements of different operators and regional broadcasters, says the company.