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Arrakis Promotes Subscription Service

Arrakis Promotes Subscription Service

NAB2006 marked the continuing rollout of a new business model for the Arrakis Digilink automation system, a fundamental change that the company thinks could herald a broad transformation in the broadcast market.
Instead of treating Digilink in the same way as a broadcast console or other piece of gear, it is sold as a service, with a monthly fee.
“This provides customers with a very affordable start-up cost – basically, we give them the system and charge them monthly with free software and hardware upgrades,” said Michael Palmer, president of Arrakis Systems.
He said approximately a third of the company’s clients have made the switch to the subscription model alongside many new clients.
Arrakis exhibited its product lines including mixing consoles, digital audio storage systems for live and automated audio broadcasting and studio furniture systems.
Contact the company in Colorado at (970) 461-0730 or via its Web site.