ARRL Gets Under the Wite-Out

Ars Technica explores what hams' FOIA request wrought
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We reported recently that the American Radio Relay League had obtained paperwork from the Federal Communications Commission through a Freedom of Information Act request, seeking to find out more about the FCC's position on the contentious Broadband over Power Line technology issue.

Matthew Lasar at Ars Technica explores what was written, and what was edited out in documents that the FCC has said supported its position in favor of BPL.

Hams believe the technology for transmitting broadband using electrical lines causes interference.

The column is interesting reading.


Gay Radio Gets a Coming Out

Many ethnic or interest groups now can find a place on the dial that plays their tunes. For some programmers the next logical population segment to merit a targeted format is the gay, lesbian and bi-sexual/transgender community.

Sponsor ID Comes Under Scrutiny

Although the NOI/NPRM is less than clear about what actions the FCC might possibly take in this area, it’s safe to say that the commission is thinking about taking steps to rein in embedded advertising.