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Arthur Liu Works With Sirius on Chinese, Korean Channels

Arthur Liu Works With Sirius on Chinese, Korean Channels

This fall, Sirius plans to launch a Korean and a Chinese language channel. Sirius is creating the channels with MultiCultural Radio Broadcasting, the multi-ethnic radio operator that has 44 stations. The companies believe these are the first Asian language programming aired on satellite radio.
Radio Korea USA will offer news, entertainment and music programming in Korean. The Chinese channel will offer music from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as short news and information updates.
“With Sirius’ ability to broadcast anywhere, these channels allow us to effectively reach a large underserved audience,” said MultiCultural CEO Arthur Liu, citing a recent Arbitron survey on Asian American listening in New York and Los Angeles that said more than 50% of radio listening by Chinese-speaking Asian Americans is to Chinese language radio.
The surveys also found that, over the course of a week, 82.5 percent of Chinese-speaking Asian Americans in New York and Los Angeles, age 12 and older, listen to the radio. These listeners spend an average of 16 hours each week with the medium, according to the study.
Liu said the Asian community represents a significant up-and-coming niche advertising market for advertisers. “Similar to the Hispanic market 20 years ago, the Asian population in this country is growing at an extraordinary rate with unparalleled education and income levels,” said Liu.